2011. április 14., csütörtök


C-print, postcards, joy-fanzine, made for an exhibition about prostitution in Demo Gallery Budapest

Obscene is a latin expression, means, behind the scenes. We have chosen this title for a work which is a documentation of our co-operation with a madame, to show all the struggles we faced during the communication with people who has basic different values and strategies in life, people who are ones of the poorest workers of sex industry.

We wanted to borrow and exhibit a property of this madame, a painting, which represents Virgin Mary. But we did not get financial support from the organisers activists and curators of the exhibition: finally only the photographic reproduction of the painting was put on the wall of the gallery. We've also made postcards of the painting, that we were selling in the non-profit gallery. The form of the commercialised picture market visualized the cash flow, the only way of communication of the parties in this story. Additionally we have hacked a Joy magazine with our ideas, main sentences, and most important moments of the nearly one month working process.

3 Joy Fanzine Eng

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