2012. április 1., vasárnap


Concept of a web-page where you can upload and download (buy and sell) protest or demonstration pictures with empty boards in the hands.


We started with a blog and with a workshop. Where we invited a famous Hungarian photographer (Lenke Szilágyi) to teach us some technics how to take pictures of masses. We learned about camera positions, angles, which lens we should us, etc.

Later we went to the streets to try out our new skills. We used our empty banners in public places, (like bus stops, squares, crossings...) wherever we found bigger everyday masses, and could stand in front of them.

At last, we had a photoshop lecture of a graphic designer (Tamás Passa), who taught us how to put additional signs and text on the boards by computer.
...and we also developed the idea of the  wonderful pocket demonstration banner (zseb-transzparens) /above in the hands, below: the folded ones/...

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