2012. augusztus 15., szerda

Pseudo Race Group - Liberagility

An obstacle race track for (self-identified) liberals/free-thinkers or anyone who is interested, where the participants could confront their own prejudices and the conservative and authoritarian motifs that influence their process of thought. And also with impossible situations which are generated by the contradictions of tolerance.

We think of this work as a performative installation, where the participants would act as agents, enacting scenes we set up for them, thus staging our own fantasies and nightmares, (which we processed, abstracted and manifested into physical objects) concerning the relation of the individual and the collective, and themes like freedom, free thinking, tolerance, civil liberties, etc. Participation is only one aspect of the work, the viewers do not have to interact(thus become in a sense authors themselves of their own experience) if they do not wish to be, they can observe the work as a sculptural installation in a more detached manner aswell. Through the race track, the participating viewers are assessing themselves, as we want to avoid the notion of educating or "transmitting values". The obstacles themselves are the cores of the work, and the rest of the installation, the purely sculptural bits emphasize the personal nature of the project. In essence the whole work is public sculpture structured around an experimental framework.

Themes: personal and bodily autonomy, free speech, (leftist pc) censorship, cultural freedom, tolerance, civil liberties, freedom of religion, equality and diversity.

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