2011. november 12., szombat

"I encourage you to dumpster dive"

"The mayor of Budapest’s 8th district (one of the most economically disadvantaged urban neighborhoods of the city) declared a war against the homeless in March of 2011. An edict was published at that time which made dumpster-diving an illegal act punishable by fines. Kocsis’ fight against this most vulnerable layer of society was only an amplification of policies already put in place in Budapest by Budapest’s mayor, István Tarlós (both mayors represent Fidesz, Hungary’s leading party). Tarlós’ law targets homelessness per se: anyone found guilty of “having a life-style of living on the streets” – i.e. not only “being” on the street, but being on the streets for life – is punishable by a fine of up to 50,000 Hungarian forints. Currently that is the equivalent of 225 USD or 167 Euros."
Source: The Contrarian Hungarian
A three year suspended sentence was passed down by the Pest Central District Court for Norbert Ferencz, a social worker who urged others to reach into trash-cans in protest of the prohibition, in Budapest’s 8th district, against dumpster-diving.
Source: The Contrarian Hungarian

It seems, then: only the size, the color and the owner of the dumpster is important...
/Protest against the criminalization of homelessness, november 11, 2011, Budapest, 8th district./
Original video: here, from the 14th min.

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