2011. november 29., kedd

Pax Romana group: 'Obscene' remixed by Dan Perjovschi

Our work 'Obscene', already exhibited in Budapest before, was sent to Bukarest, to take part in the Zilele Strambe, organised by the Caminul Cultural. Considering, that the most important part of this work is definitely the story itself, we invited Dan Perjovschi, the only romanian artist, we had heard about, to help us communicating this complex story, in a new context. We asked Dan to make drawings about our experiences around this exhibition in Budapest, by not spending more than one hour to implement them and we have offered the same amount of money for his work, as a cheap hungarian prostitute would get for the same amount of time. But he donated back the money for our group and contributed this exhibiton with his work for free. The drawings of Perjovschi were copied on the walls of atelier35 by Gyula Muskovics, the curator of the exhibitions 'Exposed', member of Pax Romana group.

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