2011. december 30., péntek

Poverty Riots - Trashy Advent!

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Local municipality of the 8th district(Józsefváros, which is one of the poorest districts) of Budapest criminalizes poverty by prohibiting dumpster diving in that district. From the 1st of January, 2011 if you take trash in this district you are oblliged to pay the fine of 50.000 HUF (ca. 185 euro). 

Everybody knows those chocolate-filled advent calendars, which are flooding the supermarkets from October, every year. You open one window and you can find a Santa shaped candy inside. Inspired by this, during the advent period, every day we opened one numbered trash bin and put a present into it. Than we took a picture of the content. These pictures (as gif animations) were sent by emails every day to all of our contacts. 
Linked to each email we also sent some web links which were all somehow connected to the actual object in the bin.

We also made some printed calendars, which ones were spread by homeless and poor people of the street.

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